When Are Solar Street Lights Not Viable?

Posted on 16. Aug, 2017 by in Business

Using solar lights on the streets is becoming commonplace these days. It isn’t particularly surprising why solar street lights are picking up a momentum when it comes to lighting up as many streets as it does today. Initially, one would think that the slightly bigger initial cost of setting up a solar street light would deter communities from erecting them instead of conventional street lights. However, as streetlights aren’t one-off investments that last for only a couple of years, the cheaper upkeep cost, as well as the less frequent maintenance work, makes solar-powered street lights the obvious choice, both economical advantage, and function.


However, it isn’t without its faults. After all, there’s still a good reason other than stubbornness as to why some communities still prefer conventional street lights. One of these disadvantages is not the shortcoming of solar street lights themselves, but due to the nature of some people. Theft, funnily enough, is a big concern when putting up numerous solar street lights. Thieves and vandals know the value of solar panels as well as the batteries that are used in solar street lights. As trivial as this problem might sound, if the community is full of undisciplined hooligans, solar street lights might just end up costing more in maintenance than conventional lights. On the bright side, this scenario generally happens in communities that are notorious for these crimes. Some places may have random occurrences of thievery, but for the most part, sporadic theft won’t be compelling enough of a reason to forego the erection of solar powered street lights.

Another disadvantage of solar street lights is if it is used in places with heavy snow fall. Similarly, it’s also the case in places with frequent sandstorms or perpetually cloudy skies. If solar panels are covered for the most part of the day, there is no point in using them at all. The solar panels won’t be able to gather the solar energy it needs to make the battery last at least one night. And it must be said that batteries are usually equipped with enough capacity to last more than a couple of nights without daylight.


On the other hand, outside these extreme scenarios, there really aren’t any other notable advantages of conventional streetlights in comparison to solar powered ones. Even large businesses acknowledge the significance of the efficiency of solar powered light, as they are now prominent in most parking lots in developed countries.

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